Welcome to my blog – Leggings and Oversized Hoodies! I’m here to share my life with mental illness, and my Journey to recovery, so most, if not all, my posts will be about mental health and recovery related things. I’m aiming to become a clinical psychologist (Ironic huh?) so eventually i will try to make my writing more sophisticated. So, take a look around, don’t be a stranger!



Hello? Hey, Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

My name’s Tany – I’m a Pudgy, Caribbean, Psychology Undergrad, Living in England.

My four loves are: Cats, Cake, Coffee and Books.

I created this blog because i’m a psychopath and wanted to documented it… Kinda.

I suffer from Mental Illness (Borderline personality disorder & Depression) and… I duunno… I’m hoping that maybe sharing my journey to recovery, it can help or inspire or encourage someone. If i can make something positive happen, out of something negative… then maybe it’ll all be worth it.


Don’t be a stranger!


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